• Is the silicone tableware for baby eating safe? Aug 18 , 2022
    A mother asked, "Is the silicone tableware for babies to eat safe?" To be sure, silicone tableware is safe and suitable for babies. A careful mother will surely find that many products that may be imported by her baby are made of silicone and plastic, such as milk bottles, pacifiers, gutta percha, bite music, bowls and spoons, straws, etc. Due to the baby's developmental characteristics, tableware for infants and young children should achieve these points-lightweight, soft, fall-resistant, high-temperature resistant, non-slip, and good heat insulation.Tableware made of silica gel can almost meet the above requirements. Therefore, using silicone tableware for your baby is the most appropriate choice. When parents buy tableware for their babies, they should pay attention to: Choose food-grade materials. The selected silica gel material can be used in the temperature range of -40℃ to 240℃ Choose tableware marked "No Bisphenol A(BPA)", such as 0% BPA and BPA free. However, it should be not...
  • Is it good to use silicone tableware for children? What are the hazards? Aug 26 , 2022
    Silicone tableware refers to tableware made of silicone. Non-toxic, tasteless, high temperature resistant, using food-grade silicone after molding. Compared with ceramic, plastic and hardware tableware, silicone tableware matches the temperature harmoniously. No matter whether the food is cold or hot, it can protect the temperature of the food itself and reduce the temperature change and loss. The food placed in a silicone bowl or basin can keep its original temperature for a period of time, and the corresponding temperature will not be transmitted to the user during use. Moreover, the particularity of silicone material itself, which is different from other materials, makes the products made by it have amazing use effect. For example, silent food containers on the floor will not produce harmful substances after high-temperature cooking. Moreover, the tableware can be folded, kneaded and turned over, and it does not take up space in the pocket, nor can it absorb oil pollution. It h...
  • Can the silicone cup be used? Sep 09 , 2022
    I believe this problem is a concern of many families, because with the development of the times, the technology of silica gel cups is becoming more and more perfect, and all kinds of silica gel products come into everyone's eyes. There are many people who can worry about it. Can this silica gel be used after it is resistant to high temperature, then can the silica gel cups be resistant to high temperature? Silica gel cups are made of food-grade silica gel, which are generally safe, cold-resistant to -40℃ and high-temperature resistant to 220℃. They are durable, not easily deformed, soft in material, and can be stored, folded and put into pockets. silicone cup characteristics: 100% environmentally friendly silica gel is used as the raw material: food silica gel is an inorganic polymer colloid material made by polycondensation of silicic acid, and its main component is mSiO2-nH2O. Good chemical stability, and does not react with any acid or alkali except in two very special cases, causti...
  • What is food grade silicone? Sep 22 , 2022
    Silica gel for food is an inorganic polymer colloid material condensed by silicic acid. Its main component is SiO2·nH2O, its content is over 98%. It is non-toxic and tasteless, and its chemical properties are stable. Under normal conditions, it does not react with any acid, alkali and hydrofluoric acid. Because it is a colloidal structure, it has many micropores and large specific surface area. Main features editing and broadcasting 1. Non-toxic, odorless, high transparency and no yellowing; 2. Soft, good elasticity, kink resistance and no deformation; 3. No cracking, long service life, cold and high temperature resistance; 4. It has higher tear strength and superior electrical performance; It has the advantages of high transparency, no smell, no yellowing, no frosting, etc., especially solves the problems of frosting of black rubber hose and fading of blue products, and has the advantages of softness, high tear resistance, high insulation, wear resistance, high temperature resi...
  • What are the grades of silica gel materials, and what kind of silica gel products do you buy? Sep 29 , 2022
    Among all soft colloids, silica gel is one of the materials with the best properties. It is comprehensive and high-quality in all aspects, so many industries choose to use it as the main body or spare parts. Food grade and ordinary grade are also divided into gas phase grade and precipitation grade. The difference between the two is that the compounds of the materials are different, and the main body is basically the same. For example, precipitated silica gel is mainly precipitated silica, which uses fuel gas to mix water glass made of quartz sand and soda ash at high temperature into a dilute solution with high concentration, and then adds certain compounds, which are washed, filtered and crushed to obtain precipitated silica. A precipitated silicone rubber raw material obtained by adding silicone oil, silica and other substances. The gas-phase silica gel is a gas-phase silica gel material obtained by adding silicone oil, white carbon black, siloxane and other substances into the sili...
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