How to choose tableware for your baby Jul 15 , 2022

Baby's tableware, thoughtful is the tableware dedicated to the baby, mainly including plate bowl and spork. Baby tableware will be specially designed according to the baby's age, such as color, shape, handle design and auxiliary functions. Do you know how to choose tableware for your baby?

Characteristics of baby tableware

1. Bright colors

Bright tableware can increase the baby's movements and stimulate the baby's nerves, so that the baby's movements and thinking are constantly linked and the brain development is promoted.

2, sleek cartoon

Generally, cartoon and lovely shapes are designed in appearance, which can attract baby's attention and cultivate baby's interest in eating through color shapes.

3. Material safety

Regular baby tableware generally does not contain BPA, phthalates, heavy metals and other toxic and harmful substances.

4, not easily broken


Baby tableware generally has certain fall resistance, and it is not easy to break, so as to prevent the baby from being accidentally cut.


What to look at when choosing baby tableware

1. Look at the material

Common baby tableware in the market is made of PP, silicone, melamine, etc. Melamine tableware is also known as porcelain-like tableware, which is formed by heating and pressing melamine resin powder, which is light and beautiful, resistant to high temperature and low temperature, boiling and falling, nontoxic and tasteless. silicone tableware, which is green, heat-insulating, scald-proof and durable. PP (polypropylene) material, which contains no carcinogen bisphenol A, is recognized as a safe material for food containers in the world. It is resistant to temperature of 110 degrees, with great toughness, fall resistance and strong impact resistance. It is widely used in maternal and child products, such as feeding bottles, tableware, toys and so on. The tableware made of PP is the most popular choice for mothers.

2. Look at the applicable stage

Basically, the applicable stage will be marked on the baby's tableware. The size, length and weight of the baby's tableware meet the baby's needs, and it will be easier for the baby to "spread" it easily. This is also conducive to cultivating the baby's hands-on ability, promoting the baby's fingers to move flexibly, and balancing the baby's physical coordination ability.

3. Look at the style function


Baby tableware has different functions. For example, a bowl with a base and suction cups will not move when it is adsorbed on the desktop, and it is not easy to be knocked over by the baby. There are temperature-sensitive bowls and spoons, so that the mother can control the temperature and prevent the baby from scalding; There is also a bowl with a water filling layer, which can keep the baby's food warm and prevent the baby's diarrhea and other physical discomfort caused by cold eating.


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