How to attract children's interest in eating Sep 01 , 2022

In the process of cultivating children's reasonable nutrition and good eating behavior, parents' patience, hard work, self-cultivation, enterprising and sense of responsibility are devoted. Tell us such a philosophy: parents and children grow up at the same time.

1. Create a relaxed dining atmosphere.

Fully follow the law of children's character development, so that children can grow up healthily and happily in the initial stage of life. Eating is the first need for people's survival and the first pleasure. Forcing, tempting, buying or threatening the child to complete the standard ration prescribed by the mother will result in adverse psychological effects. Let the child eat independently, and the older child allows him to choose the meal time in his own way, or set his own meal size. You can also invite your children's companions to dinner. People vary from person to person and take advantage of the situation, which makes the dining process full of confidence and happiness.

2. Set up "table rules".

Implementing good eating rules will help children develop good living habits. Rule 1: There is a fixed time and place for eating, and children have their own special tableware. Rule # 2: No more than 25 minutes for each meal. Rule 3: Don't watch TV while eating. Rule 4: Good table manners.

3. Humanization of parenting strategies.

It is very common for adults to arrange meals instead of helping them. They are always worried that children will make soup, vegetable water and rice grains all over the dining table, floor and clothes, so as not to let their children eat by themselves. Such "doting" will seriously hinder children's ability to explore the world. Children over 3 years old are already proficient in using chopsticks and spoons, and should be encouraged to finish eating within the specified time. Don't be afraid that your child will get hot, choke or dirty, and constantly accuse and remind: "Don't move!" "You can't drop rice grains!" Make children lose confidence and appetite.

4. Increase outdoor activities.

lack of exercise intensity, low consumption, and lack of hunger. Children must be given a certain amount of exercise every day. Some do have a small appetite, and at the same time, there are staged adjustments in children's growth. For example, a three-year-old child will have a small appetite for a period of time, which is a physiological adjustment. After the activity, give a proper amount of snacks, one is the quantity, the other is the time (do not eat snacks one hour before meals). If the appetite suddenly decreases after exercise, is it too strong or stomach upset, or is it emotional? Mother should carefully observe, calmly analyze and solve it in a targeted way.

5. Let children have the freedom to choose.

Let children use their own tableware to choose their own food, so that that baby can develop self-awareness, the child begin to learn to make decisions by themselves, and want to choose accord to their own preferences, which is helpful to motivate the child's interest in eating.

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