• Advantages of using silicone tableware Jul 26 , 2022
    When the baby begins to eat the first bite of food, every mother will prepare meticulous and safe food and tableware for her baby, and silicone tableware has become the first choice of many precious mothers. So, is this kind of silica gel tableware, which is called "essential for complementary food", really as safe and practical as legend? Silicone tableware has strong fall resistance and it is safer for babies to use. The texture of silica gel itself is soft and easy to fold, and it has strong anti-fall performance. For babies who spill food easily and upset their plates, the silica gel tableware can be used for a longer time, and it will not be as dangerous as the second tableware after being knocked over. Silicone tableware will not produce any harmful substances. It is well known that the tableware is safe and environmentally friendly. Silica gel products produced by manufacturers such as Root Silica gel, which are specialized in producing silica gel, are all certified by FDA. They...
  • Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of silicone tableware for children? Aug 03 , 2022
    Children's tableware is the focus of global families at present, because infants who have just stepped into the world are ignorant of tableware and all new things, while the use of adult tableware for infants will make every family have safety concerns, so most parents choose soft silicone kitchen utensils for safety, as the name implies, so do you know what defects it has in use? The reason why silicone baby tableware can be favored by infants and young children is mainly because the material is attractive.Its appearance is quite cute, much like cartoon characters, and it can carry out diversified surface treatments on the surface. For example, the grain and surface effect of the product may be suntanned or anti-shiny to achieve beautiful effect, and the printed pattern or three-dimensional pattern effect can be designed in technology to attract infants' appetite for food. In terms of performance, the silica gel tableware can be bent and folded at will, which also reduces consumers' c...
  • How to choose baby tableware Aug 10 , 2022
    Baby's tableware, thoughtful is the tableware dedicated to the baby, mainly including plate、bowl and spoon fork. Baby tableware will be specially designed according to the baby's age, such as color, shape, handle design and auxiliary functions. Do you know how to choose tableware for your baby? What to look at when choosing baby tableware 1.Material is an important consideration when choosing tableware for your baby. Plastic tableware is light, beautiful and not fragile, but it contains many chemicals. Try not to choose colorful ones. Ceramic tableware is environmentally friendly and healthy, but fragile and easy to hurt your baby. When selecting, you should also avoid the inner wall with patterns; Wooden tableware is a natural tableware, but it is easy to breed bacteria. After cleaning, it should be placed in a ventilated place to reduce the breeding of bacteria.   Stainless steel tableware has less chemical substances and is durable, but the metal material has good thermal condu...
  • Is the silicone tableware for baby eating safe? Aug 18 , 2022
    A mother asked, "Is the silicone tableware for babies to eat safe?" To be sure, silicone tableware is safe and suitable for babies. A careful mother will surely find that many products that may be imported by her baby are made of silicone and plastic, such as milk bottles, pacifiers, gutta percha, bite music, bowls and spoons, straws, etc. Due to the baby's developmental characteristics, tableware for infants and young children should achieve these points-lightweight, soft, fall-resistant, high-temperature resistant, non-slip, and good heat insulation.Tableware made of silica gel can almost meet the above requirements. Therefore, using silicone tableware for your baby is the most appropriate choice. When parents buy tableware for their babies, they should pay attention to: Choose food-grade materials. The selected silica gel material can be used in the temperature range of -40℃ to 240℃ Choose tableware marked "No Bisphenol A(BPA)", such as 0% BPA and BPA free. However, it should be not...
  • How to attract children's interest in eating Sep 01 , 2022
    In the process of cultivating children's reasonable nutrition and good eating behavior, parents' patience, hard work, self-cultivation, enterprising and sense of responsibility are devoted. Tell us such a philosophy: parents and children grow up at the same time. 1. Create a relaxed dining atmosphere. Fully follow the law of children's character development, so that children can grow up healthily and happily in the initial stage of life. Eating is the first need for people's survival and the first pleasure. Forcing, tempting, buying or threatening the child to complete the standard ration prescribed by the mother will result in adverse psychological effects. Let the child eat independently, and the older child allows him to choose the meal time in his own way, or set his own meal size. You can also invite your children's companions to dinner. People vary from person to person and take advantage of the situation, which makes the dining process full of confidence and happiness. 2. Set up...
  • What are the grades of silica gel materials, and what kind of silica gel products do you buy? Sep 29 , 2022
    Among all soft colloids, silica gel is one of the materials with the best properties. It is comprehensive and high-quality in all aspects, so many industries choose to use it as the main body or spare parts. Food grade and ordinary grade are also divided into gas phase grade and precipitation grade. The difference between the two is that the compounds of the materials are different, and the main body is basically the same. For example, precipitated silica gel is mainly precipitated silica, which uses fuel gas to mix water glass made of quartz sand and soda ash at high temperature into a dilute solution with high concentration, and then adds certain compounds, which are washed, filtered and crushed to obtain precipitated silica. A precipitated silicone rubber raw material obtained by adding silicone oil, silica and other substances. The gas-phase silica gel is a gas-phase silica gel material obtained by adding silicone oil, white carbon black, siloxane and other substances into the sili...
  • Is silicone tableware poisonous when heated at high temperature? Dec 24 , 2022
    The heating of silica gel lunch boxes is not toxic, because all silica gel manufacturers must comply with relevant national standards. Therefore, the silicone lunch box is nontoxic. Unless the compound used by the manufacturer does not meet the requirements in the production process, the product will have safety problems. Therefore, if you want to buy a silicone lunch box, you must go through regular channels and find a regular merchant to buy it. The silica gel lunch box is made of silica gel, and the heat resistance of silica gel is very good. It will not deform and deteriorate at the high temperature of 240 degrees Celsius. At the same time, it won't harden at -40 degrees Celsius, so it can be used for steaming, boiling, baking and other heating. It's nontoxic. Silica gel is an amorphous material with high activity, which contains polysiloxane, silicone oil, white carbon black (silica), coupling agent and filler, etc. The main component is silica, and its chemical molecular formula ...
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