Baby must use tableware at all stages. Jul 20 , 2022

Many mothers will worry about their baby's choice of tableware, because it is necessary to consider whether the material is safe, whether the style is easy to hold, and whether the cartoon shape on the tableware is exquisite and lovely ... How to choose the baby tableware?

Baby's first tableware: feeding bottle

▲ 0-6 months old baby is better with glass bottle;

▲ After 7 months, the baby can drink from the bottle by himself. It is best to choose a safe and fall-resistant silicone bottle.

small Tips for baby bottles:

1. Material selection: Milk bottle materials mainly include glass, plastic and silicone. Silicone milk bottles are also relatively safe and resistant to falling, so they are suitable for babies who can take the initiative to feed themselves.

2. Choose the shape: the round feeding bottle is suitable for babies aged 0-3 months; Arc and ring shape are suitable for babies over 4 months old. A small bottle with handle is suitable for babies around one year old.


Baby food supplement tableware: training bowl

Babies aged 4-6 months begin to add complementary foods, and mothers need to buy training bowls specially designed for small babies in the market.

▲ Choose a bowl with a round shape. Training bowls on the market are round, oval, polygonal, gourd-shaped, etc. It's best to choose round ones, because round tableware is more practical, and it's not easy for your baby to be bruised by the edges and corners of tableware; The round tableware can also prevent the baby from leaking when drinking soup.


▲ Bowl with suction cups on the base is very suitable for babies who have just learned to eat. The suction cup of the bowl base can be adsorbed on the desktop, thus avoiding the bowl from moving and not being easily knocked over by the baby. The grinding bowl is gourd-shaped, and the left and right small bowls are connected. The bottom of one small bowl is designed as a tooth, which can grind food, so it is convenient to use when going out.

Training bowl to buy Tips:

1. The material should be safe, nontoxic and odorless;

2. Be resistant to falling;

3. Not easy to knock over but not too heavy (the bottom of the suction cup can be selected).


Baby drinking utensils: water cup

▲ After the baby is 3 months old, it is necessary to use a special training cup (training cup) to drink water, so as to quit the bottle; Training cups are specially designed for babies, usually with handles. There are three types of water inlets: nipple-proof type, duckbill type and straw type.


▲ When the baby is about one and a half years old, he can drink from an ordinary water cup like an adult.

Cup purchase small Tips:

1. Choice of water inlet design: nipple type is more suitable for babies aged 3-6 months; Duckbill type is suitable for babies aged 6-12 months; Straw type is suitable for babies aged 12-18 months.

2. Grip design: The handle design of the cup body should be convenient for the baby to grip, and it is best to have a scale to facilitate the grasp of the baby's drinking water.


Baby tableware: spoon

▲ Silicone spoon is only suitable for babies under 1 year old. Generally, spoons with silica gel head are only suitable for babies aged 0~1, because babies aged 1 add more solid food supplements, and spoons made of silica gel can't bear too heavy solid food.

▲ Linear VS "L "type. In addition to the traditional linear style, spoons also have the "L" shape. This kind of spoon is convenient for parents to put the food on their children's mouths without having to bend their elbows too much.

▲ A temperature-sensitive spoon allows the mother to monitor the temperature of the food on the spoon. When the temperature exceeds 40℃, the spoon will change color to prevent the careless mother from scalding her baby.


▲ The material of baby spoon should also be paid attention to. The handle of most baby spoons is made of polypropylene, while the head is made of silicone. Compared with rubber, silicone is tasteless and odorless, its texture is harder than rubber, it is bite-resistant, and it is not easy to hurt your baby's delicate little mouth.

Baby spoon purchase small Tips:

When purchasing a spoon for your baby, you should pay attention to whether the design of the spoon handle is scientific, whether it is suitable for your baby's hand, and whether the radian is easy for your baby to hold. At the same time, you should choose a spoon with a thick spoon head. Baby can eat with a spoon with a thick spoon head, and his mouth is not easily cut.



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